Tobi is an absolutely-live course for a closed number of interventional cardiologists with tight interaction between participants, faculty, and operators

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Missions of Tobi

  • to amplify the ability to perform complex coronary procedures in bifurcation and CTO lesions
  • to teach & discuss during extensively shown live cases performed by forefront operators: the most modern approaches and technical innovation
  • to provide with concise lectures by world experts ‘on-the-point’ theoretical and practical knowledge

Board Directors


David Antoniucci

Head of Interventional Cardiology
Careggi Hospital
Viale Morgagni, 85 – 50134 Firenze, Italy


Bernhard Reimers

Head of Cardiology
Humanitas Clinical and Research Center
Via Alessandro Manzoni, 56 – 20089 Rozzano-Milano, Italy


Beatrice Magro

Nurse CathLab
Cardiology Unit

S. Maria della Misericordia Hospital – Rovigo, Italy

Scientific Committee


Salvatore Saccà

Mirano IT

Andrea Pacchioni

Mirano IT


Jacopo Oreglia

Milano IT


Gabriele Luigi Gasparini

Rozzano IT


Dimitrios Nikas

Ioannina GR


Angela Migliorini

Firenze IT

Dott.Valenti 001

Renato Valenti

Firenze IT


preliminary invited speakers and guest operators

  • Albiero Remo, MD Ome, Italy
  • Burzotta Francesco, MD Roma, Italy
  • Cernetti Carlo, MD Castelfranco, Italy
  • De Benedictis Mauro, MD Torino, Italy
  • Escaned Xavier, MD Madrid, Spain
  • Gagnor Andrea, MD Torino, Italy
  • Garbo Roberto, MD Torino, Italy
  • La Manna Alessio, MD Catania, Italy
  • Merkulov Evgeny, MD Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Milone Francesco, MD Torino, Italy
  • Musumeci Giuseppe, MD Bergamo, Italy
  • Ochiai Masahiko, MD Kanagawa, Japan
  • Osiev Alexander, MD Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Pasquetto Giampaolo, MD Monselice, Italy
  • Protopopov Alexey, MD Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
  • Sianos Georgios, MD Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Spratt James, MD Edinburgh, UK
  • Volkov Sergey, MD Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Yamane Masahisa, MD Sayama City, Japan
  • Zakaryan Narek, MD Moscow, Russian Federation


SEPTEMBER 22 / Thursday

08.30-08.35 Opening

08.35 -08.45 Follow-up of TOBI 2015

08.45 – 12.30 BIFURCATIONS VOL. I

08.45-09.15 LIVE CASE                 

09.15-09.30 Ten bifurcations, ten different techniques

09.30-10.15 LIVE CASE

10.15-10.30 Left Main bifurcation: literature update 2015/2016

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-11.30 LIVE CASE

11-30-11.45 Non-Left Main Bifurcation stenting: literature update 2015/2016

11.45-12.30 LIVE CASE

12.30-13.15 Case Presentation session

13.15-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 17.30  CTO VOL. I

14.00-15.30 LIVE CASE

15.30-15.45 The Balloon Microcatheter Technique: a single-guiding, microcatheter based technique for management of coronary perforation

15.45-16.00 CTO: how do I treat?

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-17.15 LIVE CASE

17.15-17.30 Fractional Flow Reserve and CTO: a pathophysiological triviality with crucial clinical consequences

17.30-19.00 Case Presentation session     

SEPTEMBER 23 / Friday

09.00 – 12.30  CTO  VOL. II

09.00-10.15 LIVE CASE

10.15-10.30 Dual lumen microcatheter for complex coronary interventions

10.30-10.45 CTO’s dedicated devices: news from Nagoya

10.45-11.15 Coffee Break

11.15-11.30 CTO in patients with AMI

11.30-11.45 Defining the vessel structure

11.45-12.30 LIVE CASE

12.30-13.15 Case Presentation session

13.15-14.00 Lunch

14.00 – 16.00  BIFURCATIONS VOL II

14.00-15.00 LIVE CASE

15.00-15.15 TAP technique: when, when not, and how

15.15-15.30 Do we need more platelet antiaggregation for more vessels and more complex PCI?

15.30-16.00 LIVE CASE

16.00 Closing remarks

Italian Nursing Session

Il congresso TOBI 2016 si pone l’obiettivo di rispondere alle esigenze formative dei partecipanti che quotidianamente lavorano nei laboratori di cardiologia ed emodinamica pertanto anche l’assistenza infermieristica ha la necessità di evolversi.

Le sessioni, oltre che alla figura di infermiere professionale, sono aperte anche ai tecnici sanitari di radiologia medica e ai tecnici in fisiopatologia cardiocircolatoria e perfusione cardiovascolare e sono state concepite per essere estremamente interattive e coinvolgenti con i discenti in ogni momento didattico.

Le sessioni si pongono l’obiettivo di spiegare in modo preciso gli aspetti del nursing tecnico ad un pubblico che si prende cura di pazienti colpiti da lesioni coronariche complesse, in particolare modo biforcazioni e occlusioni croniche.

Scarica il programma


Charges of registration and booking fees as well as hotel accommodation are outside the scope of VAT pursuant to Art. 7-ter of DPR 633/72.

Please send registration/booking forms duly filled in (including VAT code) and wait for the invoice with the proper amount to be paid.    
  • Admission to the scientific session
  • Congress kit
  • Coffee and lunch
  • Congress dinner on 22th September
All those interested in making hotel reservation are kindly requested to send, by email or fax, the form (available soon) to the Organizing Secretariat by August 1. The total prepayment and a booking fee of € 16,00 per room are requested. Rooms are available from September 21 to September 23. If pre and post nights are needed, please inform us as soon as possible as the number of rooms available for these specific dates is limited. Hotel reservations after expiration of the deadline cannot be guaranteed.  

Rates, B&B treatment, at NH Laguna Palace Hotel are:

Type Building A Building B
DUS € 144,00 € 133,00
DOUBLE € 154,00 € 143,00
Rates include 10% VAT. Rates do not include the City Tax which is € 3,10 per person per night to be paid at check-in time.    

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In case of cancellation both of the registration and of accommodation participants are kindly requested to contact Symposia O.C. Srl.





Fee after August 5:
€ 750

GISE Member Physician


Fee after August 5:
€ 650



Fee after August 5:
€ 400



Fee after August 5:
€ 200


Register Online

Call for Cases / send us your CTO and Bifurcation cases and get you FREE REGISTRATION

Best cases will be selected and have the chance to be presented in front of an audience of international experts.
Authors of selected cases will get a Free Registration!

The 3 best clinical cases will be awarded.

Deadline submission is August 10.

  • CTO or bifurcation cases implying
  • complications
  • new technical solutions
  • new devices
  • astonishing imaging techniques
Cases should be structured as follows:

Maximum 6 Powerpoint slides
1st slide: Title, presenter, authors, affiliation
2nd -5th slides: patient characteristics and case presentation
6th slide: conclusion and take home message
Save presentation as PDF file and send it to Organizing Secretariat:

(please quote TOBI 2016 Case presentation in the subject)

LIVE CASE CENTRE / live case transmissions from

General Hospital, Mirano – Italy
Humanitas Research Hospital, Rozzano – Italy
Blood Circulation Pathology Institute, Novosibirsk – Russian Federation
Chest Diseases Hospital, Kuwait Heart Center – Hadiya, Kuwait

ECM & EBAC / accreditations

The program of TOBI 2016 will be submitted for accreditation by the European Board of Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) and for the Italian Continuing Medical Education (ECM) for physicians, nurses and technicians.

“In compliance with EBAC/ EACCME guidelines, all speakers/ chairpersons participating in this programme have disclosed potential conflicts of interest that might cause a bias in the presentations. The Organising Committee is responsible for ensuring that all potential conflicts of interest relevant to the programme are declared to the audience prior to the CME activities.”


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Social Event / Thursday 22 September

Welcome Dinner at NH Laguna Palace Docks at 7.30 pm.

You are all welcome!

Congress Venue

NH Laguna Palace Hotel

Viale Ancona, 2,
30172 Venice Mestre

Contact Us

Course directors

David Antoniucci, MD, Firenze
Bernhard Reimers, MD, Rozzano (MI)
Beatrice Magro, RN, Rovigo

Course coordinator

Antonella Sommaggio, MD, Padova

Press Office Coordinator

Sara Salin

Organizing Secretariat


Piazza Campetto, 2/8 16123 Genova
Tel +39 010 255146 r.a.
fax +39 010 2770565